14th Annual

Rocky Mountain Thunder 

May 19-21, 2023

Martial and Healing Art Seminar
May 19-21 at Hyland Hills Dojo

9165 Lowell Blvd. Westminster, CO 80031

Rocky Mountain Thunder (RMT) is an annual event founded by Hanshi Ron Carlson and Lao Shr Wayne Welsh to spread the knowledge of multiple martial arts to those seeking healing and combative arts. This year’s lineup of teachers includes more than 10 different disciplines covering conceptual to technique-specific martial arts development. 

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Pricing for Event

$250:     All 3 Days

$200:     School Owners and Instructors bringing 3 or more students (per person price) *$50 refunds issued after payments of student tickets.  Applies to admission purchased online, prior to the event only. 

One Day Pricing:

$60: Friday          $125: Saturday          $125: Sunday

Day 1 (Friday)

4:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Day 2 (Saturday)

8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Day 3 (Sunday)

8:30 AM - 6:00 PM



The goal of this event is to bring martial artists together from different systems and skill levels to learn and share with each other.


Build Comradery!



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Hyland Hills Dojo

Hyland Hills Dojo

9165 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

(720) 759-9193

Lovely seating area for the audience. Large floor space for a decent-sized crowd training.